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K.I.S.S. - Keeping it short and sweet

On this Valentine's Day, I'm keeping it short and sweet (or if you know it as the KISS principle, "Keep(ing) it simple, stupid"...), and sending some love to my family and friends. I haven't seen many of you in ages, and I may be derelict in keeping in touch (😳), but I definitely have been thinking of you and hoping that you are all keeping well. Here, I present a brief interlude for your day.

Keep your friends close. Especially the cuddly ones.

(Can you tell that we have a slight fondness for Jellycat in this household?)

Need a hug?

No explanation necessary. This just warms my heart.

Why yes. Hugs? Any day, any time. Always.

Perhaps some poetry?

Back in high school, when I had to study Shakespeare, Chaucer, Keats, and Frost, among others, my English teacher made poetry accessible and enjoyable. Odes and sonnets were not always easy to decipher, but with her guidance, I was able to appreciate and resonate with the beauty and meaning of the words. After years of developing my left brain with far too many years of a mostly science- and evidence-based education, and then spending a number of years getting acquainted with the poetic stylings of Shel Silverstein, Dr. Seuss, and Robert Munsch (...), poetry has not figured as much on my to-read list. However, I recently came across this poem by May Yang (2017). It is such a beautiful reflection of the journey of friendship, especially given the past year - I thought I'd share it with you.


To All My Friends by HAUNTIE

That I could be this human at this time

breathing, looking, seeing, smelling

That I could be this moment at this time

resting, calmly moving, feeling

That I could be this excellent at this time

sudden, changed, peaceful, & woke

To all my friends who have been with me in weakness when water falls rush down my two sides

To all my friends who have felt me in anguish when this earthen back breaks between the crack of two blades

To all my friends who have held me in rage when fire tears through swallows behind tight grins

I know you I see you I hear you

Although the world is silent around you

I know you I see you I hear you


Or a quick chuckle?

A friend gifted this bottle to me during a time of need, and thankfully, both she and I are kindred spirits in our belief in the power of humour during not-so-humourous times. Fortunately, I had the wherewithal to take a photo of the label for all posterity, to remind me that even during the darkest of times, our friends can help light the way.

In closing...

The delight in receiving a text message or email (or if we're going old school, a bonafide letter sent by snail mail) from a friend is dwarfed by the touching awareness that someone thought of me and took a moment to materialize and share that thought. Small gestures like these take on significant meaning, especially now, after almost a year of enforced distancing and unpredictability. Thank you to those of you who check in (my sister will literally send me a text that reads, "Welfare check"), who send a meme to chuckle over, and who text me to let me know that my kid said or did something nice that day. Those moments mean the world to me. I hope to return the favour one day.

A day without a friend is like a pot without a single drop of honey left inside.
Winnie the Pooh - A.A. Milne

Until next time,



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